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Recently I’ve published a blog post about Datatype99, a library implementing sum types in pure C99 with preprocessor macros only. Today I’m going to present its new metaprogramming ability: introspection of sum types at compilation time, also with preprocessor macros only.

First of all, what is type introspection? For our purposes, type introspection means the retrieval and manipulation of a type representation: imagine for a second that you could gather all variants of a sum type and automatically implement some interface for it! Sounds seditiously? Let me show you how you can achieve it.

Type the following:

Some time ago, I was writing a TIFF encoder. A TIFF file consists of a header and a sequence of TIFF entries. To represent a TIFF entry, I wrote this:

Well, clearly not the best…


A 17 y/o programmer primarily concerned with programming languages, type theory, compilers/interpreters and related stuff.

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